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This file was found on an iPod. It contains strange sounds, so hear at your own risk.

"For the first time the file was found wormparty.ogg March 15, 2007, died on the computer programmer who accidentally ran the file, indiscriminately throwing new music albums in the playlist.

The file is subject to the constants of specific files, except that it can convert to any other music format, with no symptoms of exposure, except for slight dizziness (used loosless-codec) in a small percentage of the subjects were observed.

Duration File 1:15, from 0:00 to 0:21 seconds, recording can be heard the hoarse whistle, like inhaling and exhaling, then there is noise, the creaking of the metal in the second 0:59 appears thin (possibly children) voice singing a lullaby .

When testing the file hit five of our employees. Two of them listened to the recording, the other two, wearing headphones sound absorbing stood at the ready, protecting the first two, ready to immediately stop the experiment and provide medical assistance. The team leader was in an adjoining room for the armored, glass protectors. After 27 seconds of our employees without headphones began to tear his clothes and screaming, clutching his stomach, he immediately entered the command to stop the test, but two of the insurers in just a few seconds, showed the same symptoms, down to the floor. The team leader immediately DE-energize the equipment, after which he fell to the floor with the same symptoms. The first member of what was lost without headphones, the second one went crazy and just kept repeating one phrase: "Worms! Worms worms in my hell!"

According to the description of the subjects, they felt as if something swarm, eats them from the inside, they just physically felt like something was moving in their womb, while completely forgetting about the experiment and the reasons for this situation. Physical examination revealed no damage to internal organs. The team leader was removed from office for negligence. The file was deposited in the archives of files 21. "

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