Back in 1942, during the reign of Hitler, little was known of the “Wasser Juden Projekt”, roughly translated to “The Water Jew Project.” It was intended for the German people to be able to send the Jews to an underwater encampment, far away from the reaches of Humanity. These are the journal entries of the scientist running said project.

Day 1: Today we gave the “Inferiors” the starting dose of the hormone we are studying. Immediately they all began to scream in pain, saying that they could feel the substance flowing through their veins, and that it burned, but we were not worried until one of them began to seize in the floor. We managed to subdue him until he regained consciousness but we realized we needed to take extra precautions when administering the drug.

Day 2: We are starting the “Inferiors” on a schedule. It is as follows:

8:00am- Awaken subjects

8:15am- Administer hormone

9:00am- Exercise

10:00am- Pysch. Evaluation

12:00pm- Feed subjects

12:30pm- Subliminal learning

5:00pm- Feed subjects

6:00pm- Psych. Evaluation

7:00pm- Sleep

Day 5: Things were uneventful until this period. We began to administer the drug to the subjects, but one turned his head and began to vomit profusely before screaming and trying to tear through his harnesses. As one of my fellow co-workers attempted to subdue the subject, the other 5 “Inferiors” started yelling, stating that “This was what he was meant for.” I don’t know what they meant, because he instantly stopped. He laid there for 2 hours, vital signs normal, just staring into the open space to the side. The rest of the day had nothing out of the normal.

Day 6: I decided to continue writing in this journal because I realized things are beginning to happen, very scary things. I have not witnessed any of the subjects acting out or behaving strangely on this day, but I did see plenty of signs of abnormal behavior. They acted around the changes as if they were comfortable, but they were not the means that a normal human being would want to live. All of the beds were missing the mattresses, so now they were all sleeping on metal bed frames. Where the mattresses could have gone, I had no idea. I asked every person on our crew and they seemed astounded by it. I checked the security camera and saw what could only be described as absolutely insane. They ate them. They ate the mattresses. We are feeding them normally, and they are going to the bathroom regularly, but piece by piece over one night, they each ate their mattresses. After that, they began to furiously attack the young man that had acted out yesterday.  I will question him during tomorrow’s Psych Evaluation.

Day 7: I took over the Psych room for today. None of the subjects spoke to me on the matter of their mattresses, nor the young man they attacked. In fact, none of them spoke a single word, just stared at their hands resting in their laps. When the young man came in I was able to get some response from him. The conversation continued as follows:

“Hello, I am Dr. Guschkler. What would your name be?”

“I don’t know”

“What do you mean?”

(To this he did not respond, so I tried to ask him another question.)

“Why did the other subjects attack you? Are they angry at you?”

(He looked down, but did not move a muscle.)

“No, quite the opposite.”


(He gave a very large grin.)

“They’re very happy to help me live.”

After that statement he gave no more answers, just gave the same reactions that the other subjects gave as well.

Day 9: We are sending the patients to another lab to be closely examined.

Day 11: The hormone is affecting the subjects differently than expected. They are beginning to grow a type of external breathing mechanism, which came to be expected from the manner of the drug that we were giving them. The mechanisms closely resemble a pair of tubes on either side attaching to their abdomens, which on further examination by X-Ray was seen to extend to their lungs. The young man I spoke to the other day now has a light purple glow to his skin, but that may just be because he was severely beaten there as well. All of the patient’s pupils have expanded to cover their entire eye. We did not give them the hormone on this day.

Day 15: All of the patients except for the young man are missing. The cameras have cut out, the other doctors saw nothing, and the room containing the last remaining subject is filled with a noxious, light brown haze of gas. Even as I continue to write this he stares into my eyes. He beckons me to come closer but I do not listen.

(There are no more entries in the journal just a scribble of a quote, assumed to be from the monster described in the story.)

The quote reads:

“How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself?”

In late 1988, research was conducted to find the location of the laboratory, and an excavation team was sent 200ft underwater to find the remains. The team consisted of 3 men, 2 women and a remotely-controlled robot fitted with a camera. The crew was never seen again, but a live feed was recorded from the robot. The young man from the journal, originally in his early 20s, now roughly 60 years old, was seen feasting on bodies, along with 5 other similar monsters, none of which were purple. A large explosion occurred in that area roughly a week later and no other excavation runs have been successful.

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